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It’s time to know more about us

Our Expertise

Casting: Die (Al, Zn), Sand (Cu), investment (steel), Gravity

Engineering: CAD/CAM, Product Design , Tool Design and Development

Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • 17000 ton Annual Capacity
  • 1.5 ton Stamping Capacity
  • Castings upto 10kgs
  • 5 facilities, 1800 employees, 2200+ SKUs
  • Global Operations Serving Middle Market and Fortune 100 companies

Our Experience

30+ years of Tools Design and Development
Engineering Cost reductions
New Product Development and Validation

Market Segments

  • Power Grid and Electrical Wires/Accessories (EWA)
  • Industrial
  • Drainage/Plumbing Fixtures

Sage Metals Ltd is a market leader in diverse Casting Technologies: –

  • Die Casting (Aluminium/ Zinc)
  • Sand Casting (Copper Alloy)
  • Investment Casting (Stainless Steel)
  • Permanent Mold Casting

We are experts in Post Casting Processes which includes

  • Plating,
  • Painting – Enamel & Powder Coating
  • Vibratory Finishing/ Shot Blasting

Other Capabilities include: –

CAD/CAM Facilities, CNC/ VMC Machining, Stamping (Steel), Assembly & Packaging with Bar Code Labels.