Electrical Wiring and Accessories

Electrical Wiring and Accessories:

  • HV Terminals (Transformers);
  • Chappe;
  • Cu Lugge/ Connectors;
  • Conduit bodies;
  • Service Entrance Heads.
  • UL/CSA certified;
  • 100’s of parts & assemblies;
  • Vast array of available tool designs

Mechanical Lugs

we make different types of lugs used for terminating an electrical conductor

HV terminal for transformers

These terminals are used in transformers to connect high tension wires with the transformer

Conduit bodies

An electrical piping system used for protection and routing of electrical wiring

Service entrance heads

Provide weather resistant termination of service entrance cable at utility connection point

90º turn/Pull elbows

Used to bond conduits to form 90° turns in conduit running to electrical junction boxes


Part of the switchgear assembly and is used to switch on/ off system by  connecting handle to the circuit