Plumbing Products

Drainage and Plumbing Products: 

  • Flow Valves;
  • Fittings for Fluid Circuits;
  • Air Vents;
  • Fixed Diaphragm Valves;
  • Plugs;
  • Drain Fittings;
  • Primer Trap Assembly;
  • ASME Valves;
  • Diversified Alloys;
  • Full range of fitting sizes;
  • Custom engineered products;

Flow valves

These valves are used to prevent gravity flow in forced water systems and to help maintain the flow of water, equipped with self floating discs

Drain Fittings

These drain fittings come of different shapes for different purposes

Fittings for fluid circuits

These fittings are used to join ends of a pipe used in flow of liquids