About Us

Sage is an international supplier of manufactured products and metal forming, casting, and stamping services to several industries, primarily the PowerGrid/EWA, Plumbing Fixtures/Drainage, and Industrial markets. Sage has a significant presence in the United States, where approximately 40 per cent of its products and services originate; but also maintains large-scale manufacturing capacity in India.

Sage recently expanded its reach through the acquisition U.S. based Trident Components LLC, which is known for its metal casting, metal forming, and plastic moulding capabilities; and Jayco Manufacturing, recognized for its metal forming, powder coating, rapid prototyping expertise.

Sage’s acquisition of Trident and Jayco has provided cost optimization, operational synergies, and an increase in our product portfolio that gives us the opportunity to offer more to our customers and bring new ones aboard.

We also provide value-added services like engineering, product/tool design and development, and warehousing and inventory management solutions in the United States. Our research and development team and new product development team are constantly working to increase our capabilities into new market segments. Both teams are guided by Six Sigma and VAVE principles.

Our current structure and new acquisitions give us the ability to offer a proven, cost-effective, viable alternative to Chinese manufacturing and supply chain. We are a multicultural team that understands U.S. market dynamics and work towards sustainable manufacturing for our end customers.

Our Values