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Sage Metals was established in 1983 and has since then been providing value added services and products to our diversified customer base.  The Company started off with 1 manufacturing location and has since then grown to 5 manufacturing locations employing more than 1500 people around the Delhi area and a warehouse in Chicago.

Our focus is to enable our Customer’s success. Our leadership team in India and the US along with our experienced cross functional team members are committed to providing the business experience our customers demand from us.

Our Expertise

Casting: Die (Al, Zn), Sand (Cu), investment (steel), Gravity
Engineering: CAD/CAM, Product Design , Tool Design and Development

Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • 17000 ton Annual Capacity
  • 1.5 ton Stamping Capacity
  • Castings upto 10kgs
  • 5 facilities, 1800 employees, 2200+ SKUs
  • Global Operations Serving Middle Market and Fortune 100 companies

Market Segments
Power Grid and Electrical Wires/Accessories (EWA)
Drainage/Plumbing Fixtures

Our Experience
30+ years of Tools Design and Development
Engineering Cost reductions
New Product Development and Validation