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During the past decade, the Indian economy focused on services rather than manufacturing.

The manufacturing industry, including significant investment and development, is on the high priority list of the Indian government. This will make India an even more apt choice for manufacturing. The Indian legal system is based on British common law, which is most like the US legal system that makes it easier to understand for people from other common law countries (like the US). Workforce required for manufacturing is huge and cost effective in India, even when compare to China. Around 12 million people enter the employment pool each year, reported the Wall Street Journal. India is primarily focused on high quality goods production as they take pride in their work and are well-known for the care and transparency of their work and business dealings. India doesn’t carry the stigma of poor quality production.

Brief description of the major manufacturing hubs in India.

Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh) is India’s best auto manufacturing hub, located on the outskirts of New Delhi good connectivity. It offers consistent supply of resources that have enticed big international companies such as Yamaha, Honda Siel Cars, and LG Electronics India.

Manesar, Haryana (Chandigarh), located at southwest of New Delhi, is another favored auto manufacturing hub. Roads and railway connectivity is superb here. Infrastructure reform is underway to increase its manufacturing power and capacity.

Hospet (Bangalore), is a major steel and iron manufacturing hub situated in south central India. To elevate its manufacturing power and capacity, Hospet has recently raised a huge investment. The recent announcement by Apple on its decision to set up a manufacturing plant in Bangalore will add to the growth and prosperity of the country.

Nashik (Mumbai), situated in northeast of Mumbai, is famous for electrical engineering and auto components industries.

Aurangabad (Mumbai), is the manufacturing hub for major healthcare, including pharma, and brewing companies.


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